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Orientation Part C
FINAL TASKS: 1. Please do the Sexual Harassment Training. Send certificate to Janeli at jpatino@cbc-autism.com 2. Watch HR Recap, if you need additional support understanding what the HR protocols are. HR RECAP starts at 1 min 20 seconds (1:20). See B2, B3, B4 attachments if needed. 3. Covid Protocols & HR Recap https://youtu.be/MeGD25xituc a. COVID Protocols Video starts at 37 minutes, 40 seconds (37:40) 4. Watch COVID Protocol Video, (link below) send Completed COVID docs (C1 Covid Waiver, C2 Covid Protocols, C3 Employee Covid Agreement) to Katie Gumberg at kgumberg@cbc- autism.com and to Lilian Boccuti at Lboccuti@cbc-autism.com 5. Read (C4) What to Expect after the Orientation.
Congratulations on Graduating from the Orientation!
Creative Behavioral Consultants 4500 Park Granada Blvd., Suite 202 Calabasas, CA. 91302
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